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How to Groom Your Dog at Home

Many dog owners don’t know how or are unwilling to groom their dogs at home. Your dog may not be the best smelling pet in the neighborhood, but with a few tips and tricks on how to groom your dog at home.

It will not only make them smell (and look) much better but grooming your dog is also essential for their health. In this article we will cover how to groom your dog at home regardless of their age and breed.

Supplies Needed to Groom Your Dog at Home

The most important thing you need for grooming your dog at home is a good quality dog shampoo. You also need a soft bristled brush, combs, and scissors. If you have a long-haired breed, you may also need to invest in a de-shedding tool. A slicker brush is also helpful to remove knots and tangles.

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

The frequency of grooming will depend on the breed of your dog and their coat type. Dogs with long coats need to be groomed more often than dogs with short coats.

Dogs with short hair, like Boxers and Pitbulls, only need to be brushed once a week. Dogs with long hair, like Yorkies and Shih Tzus, need to be brushed every day or two to avoid mats and tangles.

How to Groom Your Dog – The Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have all the supplies you need and you know how often to groom your dog, it’s time to learn the steps on how to groom your dog at home.

Step 1: Start with a Brush

Start by brushing your dog’s coat with a soft bristled brush. This will help remove any dirt, debris, and loose hair. If you have a long-haired breed, use a de-shedding tool first to remove any excess hair.

Step 2: Bathe Your Dog

After you have brushed your dog’s coat, it’s time to give them a bath. Wet their coat with warm water and then apply dog shampoo. Be sure to avoid their eyes and ears.

Work the shampoo into their coat and then rinse thoroughly. If your dog has a lot of hair, you may need to shampoo their coat twice.

I prefer to use an all natural oatmeal shampoo for my dog, but you can use any type of dog shampoo. One word of caution, if your dog has sensitive skin, make sure to test the shampoo on a small area of their skin first.

Step 3: Dry Their Coat

After you have shampooed and rinsed your dog’s coat, it’s time to dry them off. You can use a towel or a pet hair dryer. If you are using a towel, be sure to rub in the same direction of their hair growth.

If you are using a pet hair dryer, set it on the cool setting and hold it about 12 inches away from their coat. Never use a human hair dryer on your dog as it can burn their skin.

Step 4: Comb Their Coat

Once your dog is dry, comb their coat with a wide-toothed comb. This will help remove any knots or tangles. If you have a long-haired breed, you may need to use a slicker brush to remove any mats.

Step 5: Trim Their Nails

If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor, it’s time to trim them. You can either do this yourself or take them to a groomer.

To trim your dog’s nails at home, you will need a pair of dog nail clippers and styptic powder. Styptic powder is used to stop the bleeding in case you cut the quick (the blood vessel in their nails).

Start by trimming a little bit off the end of their nail and then check the quick. If you can see it, stop trimming and only trim a little bit at a time until you no longer see the quick.

If you accidentally cut the quick, apply styptic powder to the nail to stop the bleeding.

Step 6: Clean Their Ears

The last step in grooming your dog is to clean their ears. You will need a dog ear cleaner and some cotton balls.

Soak a cotton ball with the ear cleaner and then gently wipe the inside of their ear. Be sure not to go too deep into their ear as this can cause damage.

Trim Hair

If you have a long hair dog, you will want to trim their hair. You can do this yourself or take them to a groomer. If you are going to trim their hair at home, you will need a pair of dog grooming scissors.

Start by trimming the hair around their eyes so they can see. Then, trim any hair that is touching the ground. This will help prevent dirt and debris from getting on their coat.

If you are unsure of how to trim your dog’s hair, it’s best to take them to a groomer.


And there you have it! These are the steps on how to groom your dog at home. With a little time and practice, you will be a pro in no time. Just remember to be patient and take your time.

Happy grooming!

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