QuickBooks Error OL 222, top possible reasons & solutions

QuickBooks is created to directly engage with businesses and work as a virtual accountant handling errorless and credible finance management. Its user interface is so customer friendly that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use it effortlessly. Despite having convenient features, sometimes this software may be a reason for your trouble because of the random errors that can occur in it. One such error is QuickBooks Error OL 222, which comes into action when you try to import your transaction files or engage in any other bank-related processes. If your QuickBooks is also suffering from this error, keep going with the blog and learn about the solutions you can perform to remove it.

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Error OL 222

This error is related to the bank or the financial firm used while handling transactions in QuickBooks.

It occurs when the financial institution server isn’t responding or any issues while importing/exporting a file that the bank will use to access your transaction records. An error box with error codes and the message ‘QuickBooks was not able to complete your request…’ will be displayed on the screen.


We have brought together some of the reasons that may cause this error on your QuickBooks-

1. Your file contains characters in its name that are not supported.
2. The file you are trying to upload is damaged or corrupted.
3. Your QuickBooks version is outdated.

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The solutions you can try to eliminate this error are listed below-

Solution 1- Updating your QuickBooks desktop version

Before proceeding, make sure you have the newest version of QuickBooks by opening the software and pressing F2 on your keyboard. You’ll see the product information of your QuickBooks. If you find out that your QuickBooks needs an update. Refer to the following steps-

1. Open your QuickBooks, click Help, and select Update QuickBooks desktop from the drop-down menu.
2. The Reset update option will erase all the previous update downloads.
3. Click Get update, and the download will start.

Install the update if prompted, and then Reboot your computer. If the error is still there, move to the next solution.

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Solution 2-Rename you .QBO file

Your file may have special characters that are resisting it from getting processed. QuickBooks may have no issues with the file name, but some protocols set by Open Financial Exchange(OFX) don’t allow files to have unnecessary characters in their name. Follow the given steps to rename your file-

1. Find your company file with extension .QBO.
2. Right-Click on the file & click Edit.
3. Remove &amp from your file name.
4. Finally, Save the file.

Run your file in QuickBooks; the issue is terminated if you can access it without errors.

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This brings us to the end of this blog; all the essential details about QuickBooks Error OL 222 were discussed. We expect that you now know the reasons and methods to eliminate it from your QuickBooks.

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